YouTuber puts sunglasses on the Sun
 World   By // 02:34, Sunday 20 August 2017

Backyard scientist Cody don Reeder has done in real life what clipart creators have been doing for years: put sunglasses on the Sun.

Well… kind of.


Ahead of the solar eclipse which will be visible in his home country of the United States on Monday, the YouTuber showed off some of his eclipse viewing equipment in a fun way.

With a pair of broken sunglasses and the power of mathematics, Cody aligned his modified telescope (do NOT point your standard telescope at the sun – see the video for why!), broken sunglasses, and the Sun to create this image:

Image: the Sun with sunglasses by Cody don Reeder. Source: Cody’sLab/YouTube.

The video is fun and educational to watch, so be sure to watch the embedded video above to by clicking here.


I touched on this before and I will say it again: do NOT look directly at the sun. If you are reading this from somewhere where the eclipse will be visible, seek advice on the best way to view the celestial event. (Read this from for info and more from Cody.)

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