The NO-MESS water balloon!
 Lifestyle   By // 20:52, Friday 8 December 2017

We’re fast approaching the hot part of summer, and many people will soon be looking for fun ways to cool off at home.

A water balloon fight fits the bill, but they’re often over too quickly and leave a horrendous mess. That mess isn’t just annoying for us to clean up; should any hungry wildlife think a spent balloon is food, they’re in trouble.


That’s why we loved seeing Gippsland Unwrapped’s latest post. Three words: crochet water balloons.

They hold water, they’re soft, they’re very re-useable, and they won’t be some poor bird’s last meal.

You can find the instructions on how to make them on the Gippsland Unwrapped website.

Image: a crochet water balloon. Source: Gippsland Unwrapped.

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