Vego robot inventor hunts tofu deer
 Entertainment   By // 07:30, Wednesday 28 February 2018

Inventor, YouTuber, and self-appointed leader of the “s**tty robot nation” Simone Giertz is a vegetarian. She also wants to hunt.

You could say Simone’s Got Problems, and she’d agree; that’s the name of her new show.


Episode one takes her on the hunt for ethical prey. With help from fellow inventor Adam Savage (MythBusters, Tested) and model maker Mark Anderson (Jurassic World, Star Wars), Simone creates a robot she can kill and eat.

Yes, an edible robot.

But the show is about more than invention, featuring interviews with and insight from vegetarian-turned-hunter Jen Cordaro.

Oh, and don’t make the same mistake I did and eat while watching; Simone’s sense of humour will have you laughing out loud. (Or, in my case, choking on cereal.)


Hit play below to watch now:

If you want more from Simone, her YouTube channel is loaded with fun inventions.

Image credits: Simone Giertz on YouTube.

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