Smokers told to butt out at stations
 Victorian Politics   By // 21:39, Sunday 2 March 2014

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SMOKING in all areas of railway stations across Victoria has been banned in a move by the state government to limit the impact of second hand smoke on commuters.

Public Transport minister Terry Mulder said in a media release the new rules, which came into effect yesterday, were aimed at making commuting more pleasant.


“This initiative will help to eliminate the unpleasant experience of being exposed to second-hand smoke while waiting for a train or tram,” Mr Mulder said.

Until yesterday smoke free areas only included covered areas of platforms.

terry mulder warragul citizen

Public Transport minister Terry Mulder.
Photos: William PJ Kulich.

An adult caught smoking in a smoke free public transport area could be fined $212, with police, authorised officers and PSOs able to enforce the ban.

Minister for Health David Davis said the ban reflected changing attitudes toward smoking.


“There is a continuing decline in smoking which shows the Coalition Government’s investment in tobacco control is paying dividends in reducing the harm caused by tobacco,” Mr Davis said in a media release.

“Smoking rates in Victoria have fallen to a record low with data from the Cancer Council Victoria showing only 13.3 per cent of Victorians are now regular smokers, compared with 21.2 per cent in 1998.”

Signs are now in place on train platforms informing people of the change. (Pictured at top.)

More changes to smoking legislation will come into affect on 1 April. Those changes will see smoking around outdoor children’s playground equipment, skate parks, public swimming pool complexes and sporting venues during organised underage sporting events banned.

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One response to “Smokers told to butt out at stations”

  1. Roger Marks says:

    And what do you do with platform users who believe the law does not apply to them?