Want to see Snow Train 2016’s second coming? Here’s when to hit the tracks
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The Snow Train departs Warragul Station on its return to Melbourne last month. Photo: William PJ Kulich.

Steamrail’s Snow Train ran for the first time in 2016 last month, and you could almost be forgiven for giving spotting it a miss – the weather was freezing!

Good thing the heritage rail restoration group is running the service twice this year. Your second chance to see it is coming tomorrow, Sunday 7 August.


Steamrail has released a list of times the train is expected to reach major stations and crossings between Newport and Traralgon, which you can find below. The times are only indicative and you may still be in for a long wait, but all going well the service will run to time. Asterisks indicate the train will not stop at that place.

TO TRARALGON – R711 leading
Newport dep 08 05
(Steamrail Depot)
Newport dep 08 12u
Footscray dep 08 20u
South Kensington 08 23*
North Melbourne 08 25*
Franklin Street 08 27*
Southern Cross arr 08 28
(Platform No. 13) dep 08 32u
Flinders Street arr 08 36
(Platform No. 10)
Flinders Street dep 08 37u
(Platform No. 10)
Richmond Jun. 08 39*
Caulfield (Plat 4) dep 08 51u
Oakleigh (Plat 2) dep 08 57u
Westall 09 03*
Dandenong (Plat 3) dep 09 12u
Berwick 09 25*
Pakenham arr 09 40
(Platform No. 1) dep 09 41u
Bunyip arr 10 08 dep 10 00
Longwarry 10 04*
Warragul dep 10 25 -u & d
Moe West Jun 11 01*
Moe arr 11 04 dep 11 09 -u & d
Hernes Oak arr 11 15 dep 12 00
Morwell Loop arr 12 06*
Morwell 12 08*
Traralgon arr 12 21

FROM TRARALGON – R761 leading
Traralgon dep 16 40
Morwell arr 16 53*
Morwell Loop arr 16 55 dep 17 01
Hernes Oak 17 08*
Moe arr 17 15 dep 17 23 -u & d
Moe West Jun 17 25*
Warragul dep 17 50 – u & d
Longwarry 18 09*
Bunyip 18 13*
Pakenham (Plat 1) dep 18 38d
Berwick 18 48*
Dandenong (Plat 2) dep 19 01d
Westall 19 09*
Oakleigh dep 19 16d
Caulfield dep 19 24d
(Platform No. 3)
Richmond Jun 19 39*
Flinders Street arr 19 43
(Platform No. 10)
Flinders Street dep 19 45 – d
(Platform No. 10)
Southern Cross arr 19 49
(Platform No.14 ) dep 19 51 – d
Franklin Street 19 53*
North Melbourne 19 55*
South Kensington 19 58*
Footscray dep 20 01 -d
Newport dep 20 10 -d
Newport arr 20 15
(Steamrail Depot)

If you are actually boarding the train, you should be at the appropriate station at least 15 minutes prior to departure time.

Last month’s service was enormous and it will be interesting to see how fully booked the second service of the year will be.


Now, I said “hit the tracks” in the title of this article but please, for the love of all that is logical, do not do literally do that. Steamrail has strongly requested any trainspotters wanting a close look to stay out of the rail corridors and behind the yellow lines at stations. If you do go into the corridor you are not only breaking the law but may stop the train – and all other trains – from moving anywhere at all. You don’t want to be that person.

You can stay updated on the progress of the service via the Steamrail Facebook page.

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Last month’s Snow Train arrives at Warragul Station on its return to Melbourne. Photo: William PJ Kulich

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A Steamrail guard on guard at Warragul. Photo: William PJ Kulich

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One response to “Want to see Snow Train 2016’s second coming? Here’s when to hit the tracks”

  1. Barry Rogers says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    We saw it come into Warragul station, watched it depart and drove out towards Drouin to see it roar past….what a beast!

    Thanks again