Meet Myuna Farm’s little new arrivals!
 Casey News   By // 09:00, Wednesday 12 July 2017

Doveton’s Myuna Farm is now home to 10 new baby piglets, and you can meet them this school holiday!

A special school holiday program kicked off on Monday 3 July and will run through to Friday 14 July.


Visitors will be able to see animals in the nursery or hand feed a large range of animals in the farm’s extensive paddocks from 10am to 4pm daily.

As well as the lovely little oinks above (and the also-lovely Callum Pattie, their caretaker and acting manager of Myuna’s active communities program), kids can expect to meet sheep, goats, other pigs, buffalo, cows, emus, and more.

Train and pony rides will also be running during the holiday.

Extra school holiday presentations will also take place every day, including ones about birds, reptiles, and wool spinning.



Now back to the piglets…

“Myuna Farm welcomed some new additions when 10 baby piglets were born to mum Nozzle on Sunday 11 June,” Callum told the Casey & Cardinia Free Press.

“The piglets are Saddleback crossed with large white and are the first litter for Nozzle.

“Nozzle has been with Myuna Farm since she was eight weeks old and is now 16-months.

“Residents and visitors to Casey are encouraged to come and see the piglets plus a variety of other animals here at Myuna Farm.”


Information about the farm can be found via

First published in the 7 July 2017 edition of the Casey & Cardinia Free Press. Photos: William PJ Kulich

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