V/Line gets new CEO
 Victoria News   By // 17:01, Friday 5 April 2013

FORMER Queensland Rail Chief Executive Officer Theo Taifalos has been appointed as V/Line’s new CEO.

Transport Minister Terry Mulder said in a media release that satisfaction with Queensland Rail increased while he was CEO.


“Under his leadership, customer satisfaction with Queensland Rail increased significantly, underpinned by a focus on customer service and improving operational performance,” Mr Mulder said.

“V/Line has grown rapidly in recent years. V/Line carried a record 15.5 million train and coach passengers in the past financial year.”

Mr Taifalos said customer service will be an even stronger priority under his leadership.

“With 1,450 dedicated people in the V/Line team, we have a great opportunity to further enhance our service to the people of Victoria through an even stronger focus on customer service,” Mr Taifalos said.

Mr Taifalos will take over from acting CEO Ross Pedley on 20 May.


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