Ambulance Victoria paramedics warn of trampoline risks
 Victoria News   By // 15:30, Monday 26 December 2011

Paramedics have warned of the risks of improperly set up trampolines.

Victorian paramedics have been called out to over 40 trampoline injury cases since the beginning of November.


In an Ambulance Victoria media release yesterday intensive care paramedic Rowan Harman said everyone must ensure new trampolines received over the Christmas period are set up properly.

“The age of the patients treated in recent weeks ranges from two to 37 years of age but primarily those injured were school-aged children,” Mr Harman said.

“The type of injury from a trampoline-related accident can be anything from broken arms, legs or collarbones to facial trauma including broken teeth.”

“In the most serious cases it can also result in potential spinal injuries as well.”

“It’s very important to provide adequate supervision. Don’t let the children go on the trampoline without an adult there.”


Mr Harman also stressed that everyone behave responsibly on trampolines.

Certainly don’t let more than one child go on the trampoline at a time – that’s just asking for a big head clash or other kind of trauma,” Mr Harman said.

“Adults also seem to grossly overestimate their ability to perform tricks on a trampoline, especially where alcohol is involved. They are likely to come unstuck very quickly and could end up with a broken leg or potentially even a neck injury.”

“If you’re new to the trampoline, have fun, but just be careful and not try and perform complex tricks straight away.”

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