Feedback sought on zero-emissions sustainability strategy
 Glen Eira news   By // 23:10, Thursday 21 July 2016

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GLEN Eira City Council is seeking community feedback on its draft sustainability strategy.

Key to the strategy is a plan to reduce the council’s greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, waste, and lighting by a further 25 per cent by 2021, with an aspirational goal of zero net emissions by 2030.


Where water is sourced from could change in the long term too, with the plan suggesting local water sourcing and treatment could be significantly increased. The priority by 2021 is for mains water usage minimisation and catchment cleanliness.

The council will purchase at least 1.9 million kilowatt hours of renewable power or equivalent in the 2016-17 financial year, and the draft action plan lists projects to further improve outdoor lighting efficiency, reduce the urban heat island effect, and lobby state and federal governments as among Glen Eira’s highest sustainability priorities.

Draft versions of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy and its associated action plan are available on the council’s website here and here. An overview of the strategy can be found here.

Public submissions on the strategy can be made online or via post. Click here for details.

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