Marriage equality group asks Broadbent to change
 National   By // 20:13, Sunday 28 June 2015

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CONSTITUENTS of the McMillan electorate who support same sex marriage have started a campaign to encourage Liberal MP Russell Broadbent to vote for equality.

First published in the 12 June 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.

A vote on allowing same sex marriage may reach the federal parliament in coming months, and several MPs have recently changed their stance on the issue to support a change in the law.


Gippsland Nationals MP Darren Chester this week said he would vote for marriage equality if given the chance, but Mr Broadbent has not revoked his previous stated position of opposition.

Labor McMillan candidate Chris Buckingham has said he would support a same sex marriage bill.

A Facebook page, McMillan Residents For Marriage Equality, and a petition have been started to encourage Mr Broadbent to change his stance. You can find both via Facebook:

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5 responses to “Marriage equality group asks Broadbent to change”

  1. Roger Marks says:

    MARRIAGE EQUALITY IS NOT Marriage equality. if it was equality it would be allowable for everyone regarding of the circumstances but it is only equality if you are a homosexual. If you are are anything else, you don’t get equality, you get inequality. If I want to marry my brother I cannot so it is very obvious not equality.

  2. Ilana Leeds says:

    People are so confused these days. I am so glad Russell Broadbent is sticking to his guns. There are civil unions for gay people to feel equal in the eyes of the law.
    It is honestly pathetic that we have this push for a minority to bully us all into the delusion that two men or two women can marry each other and it is just like a man and a woman; it is NOT.
    Roger Marks, spot on!

  3. Simon says:

    Roger, a homosexual can’t marry his brother either. That’s a different law.

    But, if the law is changed, there would be nothing to stop you marrying any man to whom you are not related. No one will ask you to prove that you are actually a homosexual, or to prove that you are actually in a relationship with that person.
    So, yes, it would be equally available to you too, if you wanted to for whatever reason.
    Just like I could, if I wanted to, currently marry any woman I want without having to prove any heterosexual credentials, or that we were in a relationship. Plenty of such marriages of convenience already exist, and if you would like one, you can already have one. Same-sex marriage will only give you a few more options.

  4. Roger Marks says:

    If a homosexual cannot marry his brother then it is not marriage equality. it is marriage inequality.

  5. Roger Marks says:

    Oh, and by the way Simon, marriage equality is just another nail in the coffin invented by militant homosexuals that want to subject anyone and everyone to their agenda which is to destroy anything that prevents them from having sexual licence without regard to anyone or anything.