Liberals would let Pakenham-City commuters back on V/Line
 Gippsland   By // 10:54, Monday 29 June 2015

matt guy gary blackwood standing up for narracan campaign launch warragul baw baw citizen by william pj kulich

VICTORIAN Liberal leader Matthew Guy has promised his party would undo recent changes to V/Line timetabling should it win government at the next state election.

Above: Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy at Gary Blackwood's campaign launch in Warragul last year. Photo: article author.

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The most recent V/Line timetables introduced restrictions to prevent Pakenham-City commuters from catching Gippsland services.


Traralgon and Bairnsdale line services were frequently used by Metro customers, who paid significantly less for their seats on the faster V/Line services due to unfair zone pricing rules.

The move was received well by commuters travelling east of Pakenham, but Guy told the Pakenham Gazette the restrictions were “short-sighted.”

“By stopping people at Pakenham from using V/Line services, the state government has ripped out 200 services that people should be able to use in Pakenham, which is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia,” Mr Guy said.

“If I am elected premier I will make sure people will be able to board the train in Pakenham as they have always been able to do.”

Asked by the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen if his party’s policy wrote off Gippsland commuters, Narracan MP Gary Blackwood said no.

“By no means does the opposition leader’s statement ‘write off’ Gippsland commuters,” Mr Blackwood said.

“The Labor government are currently undertaking a review of all regional bus and rail services. The decision to essentially remove 200 weekly Pakenham based services without any community consultation or increase to Pakenham metropolitan services is what concerns the opposition.

“Issues of frequency and reliability are what need to be addressed by the current government for regional commuters and this decision by the Labor government does not address those issues.”

The Labor government has begun a campaign of level crossing removal and locomotive upgrades to address reliability and regularity issues.


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9 responses to “Liberals would let Pakenham-City commuters back on V/Line”

  1. Janette says:

    He obviously does not travel on the already congested peak vline service. Let pakenham commuters use the Met.

  2. Daryl says:

    If Pakenham commuters want to travel on Vline make them pay vline fares instead of Metro fares.

  3. Roger Marks says:

    I don’t mind if Pakenham commuters use V/Line as long as they pay V/Line prices. Until they do they have no right to be on the train.

  4. Paul says:

    Janette is right. But the issue is the need for an additional track for the line. When is either party going to commit funding for that?

  5. Ben says:

    We (Pakenham Commuters) are happy to pay the appropriate V/Line rate from Pakenham but no one wants to take our money.

  6. Simon says:

    I’m happy to pay extra to catch v/line from Pakenham. Please take my money issue 1 solved. Issue to is regional commuters having to stand at peak times. Reserve a carriage or two for them. Issue solved.
    The comments above are mostly about money. You worried about money? Be prepared to start paying more than you are now when Pakenham commuters are no longer subsidising your precious train.

  7. sheryn says:

    Simon makes a lot of sense. V line passengers are already on by the time the train reaches Pakenham and reserving 2 carriages for the distance travelers is a simple solution for the trip home as I think seat availability is a bigger issue than the pricing.

  8. Chloe says:

    I think it is unfair that Pakenham people traveling towards Melbourne get to use the Vline trains.

    The people that live in the actual country have to wait 1 – 2 hours between trains. Where as Pakenham people only have to wait 15 – 30 minutes for a Metro Train.
    They push and shove to get on the Vline trains and basically jump across seats to get one and leave the elderly and pregnant people standing. They have no respect for those who have been standing up for 1 or 2 hours.. Vline people one get like 3 carriages on their trains which makes it hard to get a seat anyways.

    When I’m in pakenham wanting to go to towards Melbourne I get on a Metro. It’s easier and common sense..

    Me personally I think that it is about time for something to be done.

  9. Geoff Ellis says:

    Under Napthine the Libs were only interested in tunnels and freeways in Melbourne. None of them use public transport.