EDFL: Catani beats Ellinbank, plus Round 18 scores
 Cardinia Sport   By // 04:14, Wednesday 23 August 2017

Catani defeated Ellinbank 10.9.69 to 7.8.50 in their EDFL Round 18 Seniors game on Saturday.

The biggest delta this round was the Warragul Industrials’ 115 point win against Poowong, 23.16.138 to 3.5.23.


Ellinbank & District Football League president¬†Roger Gwynne told the Casey & Cardinia Free Press the round’s results were “more-or-less predictable,¬† except maybe Catani v Ellinbank.”

“I would have thought Ellinbank may have won that game but Catani… took out the points,” Gwynne said.

Poowong may have suffered a heavy defeat on the weekend, but the side’s win against Lang Lang in Round 17 was a landmark event this season, according to Gwynne.

“They haven’t won a game for two years and last week they won their first game, which was great,” he said.

“It comes in cycles. You have one team on top for two, three, four years, and [they] win a couple of flags, and then they fall by the wayside and another club takes over.”


EDFL finals start next weekend.

Full Round 18 Results

Catani 10.9.69 defeated Ellinbank 7.8.50
Poowong 3.5.23 lost to Dusties 23.16.138
Buln 15.9.99 defeated Longwarry 2.6.18
Nilma 3.12.30 lost to Lang 12.11.83
Neerim 22.14.138 defeated Nyora 4.7.31

Buln Buln 16.14.110 defeated Longwarry 1.4.10
Catani 8.7.55 defeated Ellinbank 6.6.42
Neerim South 14.14.98 defeated Nyora 4.1.25
Nilma Darnum 3.5.23 lost to Lang Lang 12.19.91
Poowong 1.2.8 lost to Dusties 19.16.130

Catani 18.16.124 defeated Ellinbank 5.3.33
Neerim South 15.14.104 defeated Lang Lang 0.1.1
Poowong forfeited to the Dusties

Neerim South 4.2.26 lost to Ellinbank 10.5.65
Buln Buln 4.6.30 defeated Longwarry 0.1.1
Poowong 8.4.52 defeated Dusties 5.7.37

Results supplied by the EDFL.


A version of this story also appeared in the 22 August 2017 Baw Baw In Brief. Watch the full bulletin below:

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