REVIEWS 24-7 : September 2011
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Metal reviews with Joshua Bulleid.

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First published in Issue 2 of The Warragul Citizen, 28 September 2011.

In Malice's WakeIn Malice’s Wake – The Thrashening ■■■■■
World-class thrash metal, straight out of Melbourne. Definitely check these guys out live if given the chance.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Agony ■■■■□
Don’t be fooled by the deathcore, band name, album title and artwork. Agony is completely over the top, insanely awesome, modern death metal.


khaos legionsArch Enemy – Kaos Legions ■■□
Kaos Legions isn’t a bad album, I just find it boring. At 16 tracks long it’s hard not to, which is a shame because it definitely picks up towards the end.

Unearth – Darkness In The Light ■□
The song writing is solid but Unearth’s latest lacks completely in inspiration and aggression; leaving them sounding like an over-produced Killswitch Engage clone.

Symphony XSymphony x – Iconoclast ■■■■□
Continuing on from the heavier sound of Paradise Lost, Symphony X delivers another prog-metal beast. Crazy awesome.

Elm Street – Barbed Wire Metal ■■■■□
Another great local thrash release. Full of fist-pumping anthems and shredding solos. Like if Megadeath and early Anthrax had a baby, and that baby was awesome.

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