Australian Democrats loses party registration
 National   By // 16:43, Thursday 16 April 2015

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THE AUSTRALIAN Democrats no longer has enough members to maintain its status as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

In a notice published online today, the AEC stated the party had failed to meet the minimum registration required to be recognised as a political party in Australia.

“Reason: s.137(6) – failure to demonstrate requisite 500 members to maintain registration,” the statement read.


Having formed in 1977, the Democrats registered with the AEC on 5 July 1984.

The party’s representation in federal parliament peaked at nine senators in 1996, before losing all its seats in the 2007 election.

Don Walters was the last Democrats candidate to stand for election in the local seat of McMillan, attracting 1.5 per cent of the vote in 2007.

Michael Fozard was the party’s last local state candidate, attracting 5.3 per cent of votes in the 1999 election.

The party has maintained an active presence online.

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