Warragul Citizen Terms of Submission

  1. Terminology: “Article” refers to anything in any form or format submitted to the Warragul Citizen The “Writer” or “Writers” refers to the person who created the article.
  2. a) Writers are welcome to submit a couple of lines about themselves, which may include a web address or other contact details, to be placed in italics at the end of their piece.
    b) The Editor reserves the right to alter or shorten the submitted spiel.
  3. Writers retain copyright over their submitted material, and consent to the Warragul Citizen publishing this material.
  4. The Editor reserves the right to, in extreme circumstances, alter (with care to not change meaning, however this is not guaranteed) or shorten submitted articles.
  5. The Editor also reserves the right to not publish any article submitted to the Warragul Citizen.
  6. In submitting, the submitter guarantees that all work is original, and if not original has cited their sources appropriately and accurately. Legal consequences of copyright infringement are the responsibility of the submitter.
  7. Writers must acknowledge that printing, formatting and editorial errors are possible, and must accept that these errors are not avoidable.
  8. In submitting, writers consent to the possibility that their article may be split over several issues.
  9. The Editor reserves the right to withhold articles for publication in a later issue of the Warragul Citizen.
  10. Articles may be published online at
  11. The Editor reserves the right to not publish any article for any reason.
  12. Writers acknowledge that their article may be on a page with any ad, or that their article or column may be sponsored by an advertiser.
  13. These terms may change at any time.